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About "Mirani"

Mirani is a sheep and cattle grazing enterprise based at "Mirani", a 1500 hectare property at Walcha, New South Wales. This is in the highly productive New England area of Australia.

"Mirani" is 1100 metres above sea level, and receives an average of 725 mm (29") of rainfall a year. These factors produce a climate not normally associated with Australia’s hot and dry image. We have very pleasant mild summers when the majority of our rain falls, and cool winters with frosts and dry, sunny days. There are usually several falls of snow each winter.

The area was first settled in the 1820’s, with the area around Mirani being bought by Abraham Nivison in 1839 as part of the "Ohio" run. Over 180 years later it is being run by his descendants, Hugh and Felicity Nivison.

On the property we run Merino and Poll Merino Studs and associated commercial sheep flocks, together with cattle breeding and backgrounding operations.


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